Slimming: Positive Mind

Have you proposed to lose weight and are looking for a method that suits your lifestyle? Want to make sure that the diet you choose will provide adequate nutrients and promotes healthy and lasting changes?

However, I never imagined using your mind as one of the essential elements to achieve your goal of losing weight. Since this is a powerful weapon, you should make the most to stop the vicious cycle of yo-yo diets, i.e. falling into over and over repeatedly diet.

Americans are exercising less and eating more than ever. The Center for Disease Control of the United States (U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention) reported that 65 percent of adults are overweight and 23 percent are obese.

Excess weight significantly impacts the physical health and mental and, while there are many causes that influence this ‘horizontal growth’, there is only one solution to this problem: losing weight.

Nutrition experts and psychology recommend following these techniques to win the battle against overweight, plus a balanced diet:

Do not dream too
They say that dreaming does not cost anything, but put your feet on the ground can cost even less.
Ten goals that is easy to reach. If you are a person taking three sodas a day, plans to reduce your intake to one a day, instead of stopping abruptly, as it may end up taking more than the original three.

If your goals are modest, will be easier to obtain. Be honest with yourself and analyze what things in your life you can control. For example, increases the duration of your exercises in increments of five minutes instead of trying to run a marathon of 25 miles in a day.

The same goes for food. Plan to eat a salad with each of your meals instead of becoming semi-vegetarian overnight. Focus on adding healthy foods to your diet instead of concentrating so much on which you should delete.

Adopt the attitude of “I can”
Every time you eat a sweet or reject you’ve walked fifteen minutes extra, acknowledge your progress and not criticize yourself for not doing more. To increase your ‘self’ talk with yourself, have an internal dialogue and congratulate yourself on your achievements. A recent study by the University of Illinois in the United States showed that people who have a positive mind and constantly reaffirming that they can lose weight and maintain an exercise plan, it is easier to reach your ultimate goal, which those who complain and mentally manifest who are overweight.

Visualize your success
Practice your success in your mind, like an actor rehearsing over and over his role in a play. Imagine that you are not only eating a vegetable salad with baked chicken and you work out for an hour – but at the same time, you enjoy. Think of the dress you want to wear both visualize and coming to a place and all eyes towards you from becoming. Once you have listed your good wishes and organize it in your mind, have a plan of action to make your dreams come true.

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