Slimming Aids

We can find them in the form of shakes, cookies, bars, even as ice cream. They contain many vitamins and nutrients that our body does not miss the traditional food. Should be taken to avoid snacking, mid-morning and mid-afternoon, but never take it as a meal replacement.

Reducing creams and gels
Its job is to penetrate the epidermis and dissolve the outermost fat deposits. The use of gels as recipients responds to have greater absorptive capacity than traditional creams. For more result, you better apply when, not understand it too.

Metabolizing fat
Sold in capsule or tablet form and act on the fat foods. Its active principles isolated lipids in the digestive process, to be expelled undigested by the body.

Its implementation is simple, and you only need to paste to the skin, however, is not so clear how they act. According to some vendors, patches reduce the appetite of the wearer.

Natural products
The properties of herbs have been used for centuries for all sorts of uses. In its renewed version, you can purchase all-natural tablets to supplement any diet.

Electrical stimulation
This has been adapted as a technique of professional sports for the use of people with weight problems. This stimulation via electrodes, areas may be reduced. The electrodes do work the muscle to burn fat the treated region.

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