Risk of overweight to leave the snuff

The Institute of Obesity risk alert for overweight appears to abandon the habit of snuff as a result of restrictions on law reform and remember that different studies place two to four kilos that usually wins a person to quit smoking.

A harmful habit is replaced by another resulting in obesity and overweight problems. According to experts, this increase, which occurs during the physical dependency covering the first four months, is due to disordered eating habits caused by anxiety resulting from the absence of snuff.

From a bad habit to another
The problem arises when, once overcome the physical phase addition, maintaining a gradual increase in weight caused by poor nutrition. Thus, a harmful habit, such as snuff, is replaced by other difficulties resulting in obesity and overweight.

To prevent this risk, the Institute of Obesity recommended care especially eating habits, making available to those interested a team of professionals to work both the necessary power and the correct physical and psychological therapy.

Multidisciplinary treatment
Not surprisingly, their leaders explain, any treatment must be designed so multidisciplinary, intervening nutritional and psychological criteria. Thus, ensure that there is greater adherence to therapy and maintenance of weight loss.

In return, opt for a balanced diet containing all the nutrients needed to achieve optimal nutritional status. To do this, suggest a number of nutrients provide enough energy to allow conducting metabolic processes and physical and psychological work.

Risk of overweight to leave the snuff

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