Rest helps to grow your muscles

It will sound strange to hear people with some experience in the sports world that say, No Rest Without progress Sounds weird but true. Ignoring this statement often stop us in our progression.

Normally, we take into account, and much, feeding and training when we want to progress in muscle development but is usually left in the background the issue of rest.

Bear in mind that your muscles actually grow when you’re resting. What I mean is the fact that when you made your weights routine muscle fibers have suffered micro tears therefore hurt the muscle (muscle soreness).

The micro cracking has occurred in muscle needs replacement, therefore, needs to recover and rest. If we do not provide the body that rest, the muscle will not grow. Rest helps your muscles grow without question.

For muscles to grow you must follow a few tips:

  • Ingested three times a day at least, amino acids (proteins)
  • Try former up about 7 or 8 hours
  • Do not make routines more than 4 times a week, especially if you are particularly harsh for your body.
  • Rest
  • Make a balanced diet

If you train three times a week, choose alternate days in which one day is a day of rest between strength training and another day.

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