Recommendations for better fitness

Regular physical activity and physical fitness make important contributions to the overall health, sense of well-being, and maintaining a healthy weight. We can say that physical activity is any bodily movement produced by muscles that result in energy expenditure.

Also, people with a high fitness are also less likely to develop chronic diseases. By contrast, a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of overweight, obesity and a variety of chronic diseases. It is proven that physical activity can even help to moderate depression and anxiety. To put it bluntly, you have to start training today.

So it is advisable to perform at least 30 minutes of physical activity of moderate to medium intensity for 5 or 6 days of the week. Even some activity more vigorous and longer duration can significantly improve health.

Physical activity is also a key factor in achieving and maintaining weight. To prevent gradual weight accumulation and achieve greater health benefits, in addition to the recommended 30 minutes per day, it will take another 30 minutes, 60 minutes of exercise a moderate to vigorous intensity most days of the week. While moderate intensity can reach your goals, with stronger intensity can benefit your health even more. Control your calories is also an aspect to keep in mind throughout your life and what your objectives as.

Different intensities and types of exercise confer different benefits. Vigorous physical activities like running or any aerobic exercise for example, provide greater benefits reflected in cardiopulmonary capacity to moderate intensity exercise, and burn more calories per unit of time. Resistance exercises such as weight training, increase muscle strength and endurance while maintaining or increasing muscle mass.

Often one of the reasons that argue for not being physically active is lack of time. Establish routines for 30-60 minutes continuously per day are a form of exercise. And it’s a great habit to develop, since the duration of prolonged exercise involves several aspects that benefit health (improves cardiopulmonary and lose weight by burning body fat for example). However it is not the only way. Physical activity can be divided into short shifts (6 periods of 10 minutes throughout the day is an alternative). The cumulative total is what matters, both for health and for burning calories, and is a great way to start doing something for ourselves.

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