Proper and healthy diet for those who are over 50!

Alas, over the years we are younger do not – a fact we have to recognize and treat accordingly. This means that no matter how well we did not look, but age-related changes cannot be ignored. For example, with age, our body needs less food, but more nutrients.

Therefore, after the age of fifty years after the need to review your diet and include a definition of products to help look younger and maintain good health.

Be sure to include in your daily diet cereals. In brown rice, bread, cereals contain a lot of fiber that can lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease, colon cancer, gallstones, diabetes, and obesity.

Garlic is very useful. It reduces the cholesterol in the blood, reducing the risk of stroke. Microbiologists have shown that garlic kills viruses. And garlic helps reduce the pain and swelling of arthritis.

Eggs contain vitamin E, which strengthens the heart muscle and prevents the development of certain forms of cancer. Eggs also are a source of protein and lute in, and it protects the eyes from cataracts. This product prevents the formation of blood clots, reducing the risk of heart attack and cancer.

Greenery is useful at any age, and especially after fifty. For example, spinach contains iron, vitamins C, A, K, antioxidants, protecting us from heart attack and stroke, colon cancer, osteoporosis and arthritis. Parsley and celery also contain a lot of vitamins. Only one vitamin C in parsley more than citrus. These herbs are used as a diuretic and to remove kidney stones. Parsley aids digestion, helps in the treatment of gastritis with low acidity.

Be sure to include in the diet of cheese, because it is rich in calcium, essential for healthy bones and prevent osteoporosis. Dairy products prevent bone loss due to menopause or rheumatoid arthritis.

The most useful fodder in this age is a chicken. Chicken meat is rich in protein and selenium, which prevents cancer. And the B vitamins found in meat chicken, increase brain function.

Blueberries help prevent cataracts and glaucoma, restores sight. This is useful for varicose veins, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers and cardiovascular diseases. In the berries contain flavonoids, which slow the aging process. Bilberry helps to restore the brain.

Proper diet at any age can help avoid a lot of problems, ranging from various diseases, and to obesity. A reasonably chosen diet will prolong your youth, fill forces, energy and good mood!

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