Principles of the South Beach Diet

South Beach is consumed in the diet:

  • Lean proteins: The diet promotes the consumption of various types of fish, chicken, lean cuts, nuts and others. The idea is to lower the level of cholesterol consumed. The consumption of proteins essential to this diet.
  • Whole grains and healthy complex carbohydrates: The diet promotes the consumption of whole flour and eliminates the consumption of refined flour and sugar.

  • Vegetables and fruits: The diet promotes the consumption of these foods by its nutritional value and its fiber content.
  • Good fats: Fats are consumed liquid without reduction. Olive, canola, sunflower and other oil can be consumed. Removes fat hydrogenated shortening, margarine and hydrogenated oils.

For this reason can almost not eat prepared supermarket meals and cookies and normal breads. Processed foods (which are sold already prepared or frozen) using FAT hydrogenated by its texture and because not arrancian fast.

Does give results diet South Beach?
Definitely if you follow this diet you come down in weight. Nutrition professional publications most consider it a healthy diet but indicate that the first phase is very difficult so you can skip it and start the second.

It is an easy diet?
The diet is easy, but how difficult it is to stop the bad habit of eating junk and sugar foods often. But as everything at the beginning is difficult, but as it progresses it becomes easier.

And yes, the South Beach Diet is healthy and effective. On the downside, we dislike the fact that does not give rise to eat traditional foods like fried foods from time to time. The South Beach Diet is a diet moderate and healthy years.

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