The bane of many women is definitely fat, flab, cartridge; thighs. Appositives grow and grow in those areas of the female body. According to a team of Australian researchers, guilt wing of estrogen, this attenuates the body’s ability to burn calories after eating, resulting in more circulating fat and therefore stored.

Women are between 6% and 11% more body fat than men. For years, experts have wondered why this phenomenon, a paradox if one considers that the daily calorie intake is usually higher in men. It seemed clear that there was a hormonal component behind but had not accurately described.

Female puberty and early pregnancy, two times of increased estrogen, can be seen as stages of preparation for fertility, fetal development and lactation.

The review by the specialist, published in the journal Obesity reviews’, suggests that estrogen interfere with fatty acid oxidation in the liver occurs after meals. These results in more circulating fats, not being destroyed, accumulate, which would explain most of the increased amount of fat that women compared with men.

Not that sex steroids are behind the origin of obesity, but that women, like it or not, have a much more efficient energy storage, in this case through the fat than men. Thus, during puberty, girls earn an average of 1 pound of fat a year while the boys only 200 grams.

The worst thing that neither sport is our salvation. Although women burn more fat during exercise, these lipids originate most accumulated in muscle and not body fat. And once the exercise, the female body conserves energy and fatty acid oxidation decreases markedly, reversing the effects soon sport.

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