Lower Cholesterol

A common health problem that is covered by the adults has cholesterol high, which determines that the doctor instructs various changes in your lifestyle and especially the prohibition of the consumption of certain foods.

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that the body needs for daily life functioning of the organism. The elevated cholesterol causes health problems predisposing to cardiovascular disease and stroke.

There are several options for lowering cholesterol, some simpler to implement than others, given that must change habits and lifestyles completely rooted.

To lower cholesterol aerobic exercise is an excellent option, because through muscle activity occurs degradation energetic substances, including cholesterol.

The aerobic exercise routine determines that the cholesterol is deposited in the arteries blood level, hindered the passage of blood, go to the liver to be metabolized and is consumed or removed.

Aerobic exercise is almost the only way to achieve the good cholesterol in the blood increase, since it cannot make a healthy change in the daily diet.

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