Lose 4 to 7 kilos with the soup diet

What is the soup diet?
The soup diet is designed in a U.S. hospital for people with heart disease and overweight, they needed to lose kilos before undergoing surgery.

You have to eat for 7 days only what makes the soup diet to lose 4.5 to 7 kilos, eliminating alcohol, flour and its derivatives, sweets and fizzy drinks.

The soup is like a wild card, we will take when we feel hungry, to calm anxiety.

This diet has contraindications; they can make people with diabetes, or those with chronic renal failure, so it is important to consult a specialist before undergoing it.

Method of preparation of soup diet
You have to bake in 10 liters of water: 6 large onions, 2 green peppers, 2 large cans of tomato or 6 peeled tomatoes, 1 stalk celery, 1 cabbage or cabbage and salt and pepper.

Everything is chopped and begins to simmer, when the vegetables are cooked, pass through the blender and saved to make hot or cold, as preferred.

Method of making the soup diet

  1. First day: eat only soup and fruit, less bananas. Drinks should be fresh juices, coffee or water.
  2. Day two: steamed fresh vegetables during the day along with the soup. At night you can have a baked potato.
  3. Third day: you can take fruits, vegetables and soup. Not taking bananas and potatoes. During the third day, we have lost between 1.5 kg and 3 kg, depends on the constitution.
  4. Fourth day: take only soup and skim milk latter so as we want, and at least 3 bananas.
  5. Fifth day: here we can take beef or fish, from 125 to 250 g., And 6 fresh tomatoes peeled. Drink plenty of water and eat the soup at least once.
  6. Sixth day: soup at least once. Meat, 2 or 3 steaks and all the vegetables you want.
  7. Seventh day: soup at least once. Brown rice, vegetables and fruit juices.

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