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Would you like to cook your favorite dishes and not get fat? We make it easy. How? With five techniques for cooking low-fat and with other five quick tips to lighten your favorite dishes. Do you want to know what? What we expect you!

Do you want to know how to enjoy the flavor of your meals without gaining weight? Takes note of these 5 techniques to keep your scale at Bay!

Cook: When the food comes in contact with water, the calories do not increase. The downside is that it can be you somewhat tasteless and you may lose nutrients that remain in the broth, so you may want to reuse it for subsequent preparations.

Oven: When it comes to meat, importantly create an outer crust so then you stew in their own juice without losing flavor or nutrients. Roast in the oven, virtually no is needed oil what food do not earn calories, and get a very pure flavor.

Steam: The food that you cook does not lose its nutrients in the water since not immersed in it. And the best, does not increase calories because no contact with fats keeping its entire flavor. It will be even tastier than boiling!

Skip your vegetables in the wok! This container needs little oil and thanks to its shape, the heat spreads in a uniform way with what cooks faster than in a conventional pan.

Roast in foil: The system is similar to the kitchen with steam but food, in this case, is cooked wrapped in aluminum foil with a little oil or butter in the oven. Best thing is to do it with some herbs or vegetables that give flavor. If you want to see more to the papillae cooking tips, click here

Join the wok! Salt and pepper a boned and diced chicken and Brown it in the wok with a little oil. Remove it. Then cut a bunch of chives and a red pepper into julienne strips and saute them in the wok. Mix chicken, vegetables and a glass (of water) of broth of bird and a glass (of water) of sauce of soy in the wok and cook for 20 minutes. It will be delicious!

Kitchen salt. Practice it with the salmon. Mix 2 pounds of rock salt with a salmon from two kilos. Put a bed of salt, cover with the fish and the rest of the salt. Cook it for 40 minutes at 200 ° C. Accompany it with grilled vegetables.

Quick tips to lighten your dishes

Are you addicted to Italian food? If so, you choose to prepare it with fresh tomato and Basil instead of to the 4 cheeses! For the pasta, your spaghetti you fatten less if you change the sauce carbonara or cheese for joining them in… gulas in garlic sauce.

In your salads prevents the Croutons, sauces with nuts or dried fruits, avocado, bacon and serve as a dish, not as an accompanist. If you opt for potatoes, cooking them cooked or steamed instead of mashed or fried.

If you are addicted to chocolate bet black or with milk, rather than white.

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