Learn how to make your working life compatible with your diet

Today’s society appearance plays an important role, which is why many people try to dress fashion and maintain a figure within the canons of beauty. This trend does not have to be harmful unless it becomes an obsession that negatively affects. In addition, part of the concern about appearance has brought some benefits to society, such as concern for sports or to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, behaviors that have had a positive impact on health. Although the origin of the concept was associated with eating very little diet to lose weight faster, today the term diet has evolved to a concern for maintaining a beneficial food for our bodies and our health in a more prolonged, fleeing the rapid, short-lasting results.

Unfortunately, our work routines do not complement very well with this new concern for healthy eating. Most of us work at a desk at a computer in office long hours. This routine causes abound disorderly diet unhealthy foods, all linked to sedentary habits that do not help much. Because of this, we can finish within a dynamic drag us to gain a few pounds more, to have a more delicate health and even to have worse mood.

However, this dynamic can be broken with a few recommendations for easy application with which we can fully reconcile our work life with a healthy balanced diet.

  • Besides eating right do exercise. The first thing we must realize is that a healthy lifestyle goes beyond food, so we should go with the sport. Ideally commuting exercising, either on foot, by bike or on skates, so get more active and better appetite. If you live far from your work and what you need, buy a car, but try not to park in your workplace, to make you do even a little exercise.
  • Always choose homemade food. Many times, for mere convenience, we decided to eat at restaurants with menus for workers, something that is not too good for our health. These establishments often abuse fatty foods as well as fried foods and dressings. To avoid this, it is best to eat foods prepared at home, where we control the food and its preparation. If we have no choice but to eat out, it’s best to order a meat or grilled fish with salad, all without seasoning, to prepare our taste at the table.
  • Turn your diet into a fun experience. Because practices relate diet to lose weight fast, you may think that all diets are equally simple and boring. But the fact is that a balanced diet can turn into something tasty and fun. If we prepare our own food, you can try out many new ingredients and dishes. Internet is full of recipes ready to prepare in our kitchen, and if you feel a bit lost in the kitchen, using the online pages of ads to find a product to innovate in your recipes.
  • Always eat at the same time. It may seem contrary, but the truth is that there are few things more fattening than skip a meal. Our body has a memory and knows exactly when consuming food. If we skip meals or just eat at scattered times, our body will understand that food is scarce and try to absorb the maximum amount of fat reserves to make them. To avoid this, it is best to always eat at the same times, varying the extent possible under half an hour, to keep our bodies become accustomed.
  • Pica seamlessly between hours. Take some snacks between meals does not have to be necessarily bad. Actually, it is best to take a snack every three to four hours to prevent stronger food digestion and heavier. So keep an average level of energy without starving periods or weariness. Yes, it is advisable to always take something healthy between meals as a pancake cereal or a piece of fruit, sweets and rejecting bakery products, which are full of saturated fats and empty calories that make you fat but not eliminate hunger.
  • Make food a social act. One thing we have to eradicate completely is eating alone against the computer screen, as we are not aware of what we eat and we always end up eating more food account. Ideally eat with officemates, which not only win a workspace more humane and cohesive, but also improve our diet. If chat WHILE eat less food need to be satisfied in addition to more espaciaremos snacks, thereby better the food will taste.

These simple tips will help you get smooth healthy balanced diet even in our job, so there are no excuses to eat poorly. If we follow the recommendations in a short time he will notice us and our bodies, both because of the rude health as a slimmer and firmer.

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