If we burn calories by exercising more can we eat?

A person who is overweight and you exercise the sole purpose of losing those extra kilos should be aware that it may not be enough if not carried out an orderly plan in their food. If you exercise daily but the power consumption is very high not achieved the objective. Thus, when one wants to lose weight is necessary that the energy balance is negative, i.e., more energy is spent for the intake.

This does not mean eating less, but eating better. A weight loss plan allows you to eat more food that provide less energy and help to fill. Furthermore, if the exercise is accompanied diet, this will cause the excess body fat burning go faster.

Combining exercise training with a healthy diet therefore helps to maintain health and, if you are looking to lose weight, a low calorie diet plan along with an attractive physical activity will be the key to success.
It is not advisable

Is useless exercise if after each meeting decides to eat a piece of pastry, more of a snack spaghetti or bigger, something as obvious as common among many people. This is very likely to eat even more energy than the agency spent.
After exercise, you should opt for low-fat foods not to eat more energy than is expended during activity.

Where to eat something after exercise is preferable foods that do not provide as many calories. Thus, for example, a chocolate filling bun provides 200 calories at the expense of simple sugars and fats, whereas a ham skewer (50 grams of bread) provides 140 calories per sugar content and protein complexes.

It is also not recommended when exercising several hours have elapsed since the last meal. In this case, you need to eat something before the session of sport in order to maintain glucose reserves and have resistance during the duration of the activity.

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