How to reduce calories at Christmas?

Remove the fat from soups and sauces, you can wait for it to cool and then remove the layer remaining on the surface with a spoon.

  • Remove the meat dishes parties certain pieces of fat before cooking. So do not come to the table and avoid the temptation to eat.
  • Choose cuts of meat without visible fat and skin (especially in the case of chicken).

  • Kitchen dishes easily, give preference baked or grilled. Try to avoid dishes that require breaded and fried.
  • If you want to accompany your dishes with sauces, opt for less fat and calories. So elaborate is no cream sauces and cheeses.
  • Remember bought sauces are much more caloric and greasy that home.
  • Kitchen with healthy fats like olive oil. Avoid coconut and palm oil, rich in bad fats (saturated fats) butters and margarine, and other animal fats.
  • Use at your recipes milk and low-fat dairy products and low in fat, preventing condensed milk, cream cheese or greasy.
  • Avoid convenience foods and other ready-made products, such as creams, sauces, desserts, etc. Because they provide more fat and calories than their home versions.
  • Sweeteners used to prepare your dishes.
  • Prepare your desserts with fresh fruit instead of canned fruit or syrup.
  • Avoid industrial baked goods. Betting on preparing your desserts with healthy recipes.
  • Add vegetables to your menus.
  • Serve desserts in moderation, rather small if you want to avoid eating these foods so rich in bad fats and sugars.

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