How to lose belly!

Achieve a slim silhouette implies a major challenge for some people, they refer make a control on the calories you consume through food and practicing long hours of daily exercise.

It is customary for the person starts to lose weight maintained while achieving a negative balance between energy intake and expenditure. If maintained over time the person achieves weight loss apace, not exceeding the weekly weight kilo, allowing stay healthy.

A problem that often have people who are making is that they fail to lose weight lose belly, i.e. continue to have excess fat in the abdomen.

To lose belly should perform exercises repeated bouts of abdominal, allowing it to burn fat locally. The exercises abs is key to the decline of the belly. You must start to do one or two sets of 20 crunches, which will continue to increase weekly, always taking into account the comprehensive exercise plan.

Lose belly not achieved just by eating less food but abdominal exercises are a cornerstone for a flat stomach look.

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