How to lighten dishes this summer!

It’s summer and beach days, time to get nice and cool clothes. Still you spare a few pounds? Late Exercise is the most appeal, but without a good diet exercise does not do much.

In fact, you can enjoy summer meals, eliminating fat and calories without sacrificing flavor just to many dishes. From are a number of tips that can get a tasty and varied diet and, incidentally, the kind care: Change some salad ingredients, sauces and condiments for a healthier diet.

If yours are salads, simply reduce the amount of oil something used in these or also in roasted vegetables. To dress can be employed, for example, plain yogurt smoothie with mint and minced salt substitute for cheese curd. With these options will reduce fat without losing flavor and protein.

Replace fatty foods accompanying rice and pasta, such as ground beef for vegetables and fruits also help reduce the number of calories. On the other hand, if you like preparing purees, you can remove up to 50% of calories if instead of using milk, cream and butter, opt for vegetable broth or chicken.

The lean, like the rabbit, reflecting a decrease of up to triple fat pork ribs or lamb shoulder blades. Otherwise, if our meat and fish option is an option to avoid fried cooking is to use herbs (oregano, thyme, rosemary…) and spices, to pulp.

Sauces and seasonings can also be modified to lighten our plates if we use them. In the first we can replace the cream chameleon made with skimmed milk (with a little blue cheese if you want to enhance the flavor). The sweet spices like cinnamon and vanilla can supply sugar to make desserts (rice pudding, custard, custard), as well as coffee and tea.

The fries are a classic in the table, especially if there are children. Instead of frying can, once heading into thin slices, bake to grill with very little oil. For an omelet can be cooked before sauteing with little oil, then thicken with egg omelet in the pan.

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