How to improve the diet continuously with a single step?

In most articles and diet and exercise programs to send you to keep going and not give up to achieve what you dream. These articles and programs encourage you to:

  • Continual progress
  • No surrender
  • Push forward

But today I take things in another direction and motivate you to take a simple step to improve the diet you wear: take a step backward.

Analyze Your Diet
It’s easy to get carried away by the idea of “dieting.” Many times you think you’re doing everything right, running like a deer in the field and among so many healthy foods and “diet“, your trips to the gym, read articles, measure calories, cooking and all that, you are not giving a chance to give a step back.

When you step back and analyze what you’re doing with your diet, you can:

  • Find areas for improvement.
  • Highlight areas to celebrate.

The beauty of this applies to a lot of areas: your business, your family, your job, your career, your studies, your overall health, your children’s education, etc..

It’s easy not to care about this analysis and allow for “next week”, which becomes next month, next quarter, next year, and when you realize, you take months dieting and exercise, which for some ” strange “reason you are not getting the results you should have received long ago.

All nonstop for a moment, take a step back and analyze what you’re doing.

5 Minutes. That’s all you need. 5 minutes to complete this brief exercise that will help you continually improve your diet and therefore the results you get with it.

Separate 5 minutes now or when you can, without distractions and ask yourself the following three questions:

Question # 1. Am I going in the right direction?
Your diet like most things in life, a journey. It takes you to a place or state in which they want to be.

You may want to lose weight, build muscle, lower your blood sugar, cholesterol or just improve your overall health status.

Whatever your goal, stop a moment, discusses the steps and actions you are doing right now and ask yourself whether you are still taking in the right direction, if everything you do will make you achieve success in the planned time.

If your answer is yes, then great!

If you realize that the answer is No, (or other very doubtful), no problem. Just recognize what you arrange to get it back on track. Make a list (yes, on paper) of the points you need to improve or further analysis and see what you can do to improve it.

This correction may take you a little more step, but the important thing is that today Determines and you realize there’s something you’re doing wrong.

Maybe you’re not eating the right foods, you are not working out the number of times and time you should, do not include a sufficient amount of healthy foods in each of your dishes, you skip breakfast, you do not take enough water per day, etc.

You of all people know what you’re doing, so be honest with yourself (a).

Question # 2. Am I focusing on the right priorities?
Having hobbies is excellent, but sometimes we overdo it with them or with other activities that distract us from what really matters.

And yes, your work is one of them. Your job is not your life (or at least should not be).

Including activities related to your diet / exercise may seem that important to lose weight (if that is your goal), but you really are not helping.

For example: Do you spend too much time doing cardio? Bingo!

He steps back and looks at whether the activities in which you are actually using your time well prioritized.

If the answer is yes, great, jumps to the next question.

If the answer is not, or are not sure (a), take a few minutes to write (again on paper) the actual priority list in your way to achieve what you want (lose weight, gain, etc.). Use this list when you ask this same question (every day or every week) and analyzes if you’re conducting a good prioritization.

Question # 3. Do I see results?
The great and most important of the three questions.

If you see results mean that confirm the two previous questions, which helps you make sure you are completing the right steps toward your goal.

Also, see results gives you the peace and confidence that you go to the correct speed.

The results can be of many kinds. It might have been continuously losing weight, you feel better about yourself (a), your body fat% is down, every time you have less dependence on sugar and junk food, which lift more weight, you look more defined ( a), you feel less tired (a), etc..

Are you seeing results thanks to much (or little) effort you’re devoting to your diet?

If your answer is YES, great! Celebrate those results and make sure it is kept continuously by stepping back each week or day.

If your answer is NO, discusses priorities again, diet, exercise and habits that are performing. You may even be worthwhile to consider the same program you are doing. Most programs work if you stick to them, but there are a few exceptions that are worth analyzing.

Take longline action
And if you answered yes to all three questions, you do not trust. I recommend taking this step back continuously to make sure you’re on track.

Separate those five minutes of your day, whether it is right now, when your lunch, at night or when you can, but do not leave it for another day.

And if you see that you learned this trick, take a paper, write down these three questions and paste it somewhere visible, your refrigerator, desk or in your office. You can see daily questions and do analyses that will help you improve your diet continuously.

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