How exercise affects your health?

exercise affects Every day exercise increases muscle tone and stimulates all body systems have a positive effect on the immune system, increasing resistance to infection and other diseases. Strengthening the heart muscle as a result of aerobic exercise helps the heart to cope effectively with the problem.

Numerous studies have linked high physical activity with reduced risk of various diseases, including cardiovascular, respiratory and other systems.

Do overweight people at high risk for various diseases (diabetes, hypertension, etc.), and premature death. Since active sports contribute to weight loss, they are full of people add value by helping to maintain and improve health. Even if as a result of increased physical load weight is not reduced, the risks of diseases related to obesity are reduced.

Exercises calm the nervous system, helping to fight depression, low mood and different experiences. A set of exercises or walk in the fresh air – a great way to get rid of fatigue, improve mood, interrupt routine work and rest. In other words, sport can serve as a substitute meal when we overeat or automatically decide by snacking psychological and emotional problems.

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