History of diet and weight lose

diet and weight loseThe history of diets and weight lose begin with the birth … geometry. Pythagoras – the progenitor of many of the axioms and theorems are familiar to all of us at school, another famous invention – his own diet, which descendants and named – Pythagorean diet. Feature Pythagorean diet is to eliminate from the diet of beans and animal food, and the purpose of the diet was not losing weight, but just to get rid of intestinal gas.

The founder of medicine РHippocrates in his own treatise On a diet emphasized that select products for the food must especially individually, based on age, time of year and even residence rights.

Finally, as the founder of the nutrition in science, physician Asclepiades insisted that virtually any ailment can be cured with proper nutrition, following a specific diet.

Diets for weight loss are relatively new – about 200 years ago. The first weight loss diet were designed to fight obesity with total and all-encompassing passion, such diets have become in the postwar years of the twentieth century. Changed attitude to life, and with it, and its pace, the canons of beauty demanded new victims in a taut, athletic figure of an active and independent woman. A tireless counting calories, to whom addicted to everyone who has ever sat on a diet, there was a little earlier – at the beginning of the twentieth century.

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