Healthy Diet and Work: Is Possible

Among rush, traffic, stress and work is little free time left at the end of the workday. Undoubtedly, one of the main victims of our hectic lifestyle is our diet, and that lack of time or desire, we end up prepare anything for dinner, and even more if we live alone and we have no responsibility for cooking a healthy menu for the whole family.

All this is always attached more often a sedentary job that requires spending much of the day sitting in an office maybe, maybe front of the computer. Maintaining a healthy diet is even more important here, and it certainly is not impossible if we follow some basic guidelines.

Diet and Healthy Work? How To?

  • Get organized with time: the whole key is planning, and develop a balanced menu for the week will be of great help in doing so. Just make a list of healthy and simple dishes you can prepare the night before without too much effort, or even cook and freeze for the weekend. You can include salads, cous cous, quinoa or rice sauteed with vegetables, cold pasta, sandwiches, or even vegetables prepared in salads. Opt for light meals to avoid drowsiness and difficult digestion during working hours.
  • Waiver of snacks: They are attractive and represent a great temptation for most boring hours, when hunger begins to be felt, but are both the worst enemies of a healthy diet. Avoid all types of bakery products, cookies, candy, nuts and chocolates, and combat hunger between meals with a piece of fruit, a yogurt, or a healthy fruit juice.
  • The water handy: Water is always the best ally of your health by purifying your body and providing hydration your body needs. Experts say that the ideal consumption is between pints and two liters, but we do not always practice this recommendation. Always carry a bottle of water when you go to work , and let the light: you will drink more water than usual.
  • Make a lunch break stride: Avoid eating in front of the computer, and if you can do it outside your workplace. Turn it off completely and enjoy your leisurely lunch: do better digestion and also return to work with higher energies.
  • Do not forget to exercise: Certainly, a healthy diet will make you feel better, you’ll notice quickly. But do not forget that by itself is not everything: taking every opportunity to move, boost circulation, rest your eyes and stretch your muscles. If your workplace is not too far from your house, get out a little earlier and go always walk instead of taking the car or public transport. Or search among classified a good second hand bike and enjoy a ride while going to the office.
  • Remember vary: Thing for not losing is knowing constancy vary, because otherwise we tend to get bored and leave the good intentions. Try experimenting with Asian cuisine, or simply to add new ingredients to your dishes: discover new flavors and endless possibilities.

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