Gut flat: Keys to eliminate localized volume

Yes, you read that right: having the flat belly possible. Although much depends on genetics and lifestyle, what we can do is not to increase the ‘Michelin’ or resign thinking that is difficult to achieve.

Habits essential
A healthy lifestyle is to follow a balanced diet along with regular exercise. To get a flat stomach is not to stop eating, but has to eat well, just change some habits.Healthy eating involves the beauty of our skin. Take seriously the eating disorders.

Raw vegetables, soft drinks, spices, spicy, very cold drinks or hot, alcohol and snuff should be eliminated or simply dosed.

Eat slowly and chew and put your feet up after a meal also helps deflate. Increase the number of meals but reduce the amount helps in better digestion.

Foods that help you
We regret to say that there are some specific foods to lose belly, but foods that do not increase the problem: whole grains, low-fat dairy, fruits, vegetables, legumes and limited consumption of poultry and fish should be the basis of the daily diet.

To reduce the volume of the gut is often beneficial to eat, taking at least 4-5 meals a day with an interval of no more than 3-4 hours to avoid stomach distention. Also avoid constipation by taking appropriate fruits like oranges, plums, kiwis, drink plenty of water but small intervals and avoid soft drinks and alcohol.

Also, keep in mind that what does exist is a list of harmful foods that only make you feel more bloated. The fries, chocolates, alcohol, desserts, sweets and excessive consumption of red meat. Moreover, no excess or binge eating, and alcohol that always leads to abdominal fat.

Exercises to achieve your goal
Needless take the beating in the gym the first few weeks, the important thing is to be consistent. If you do, abs exercises using a flat belly and you will look sexy in less time than you think. Bear in mind when doing abdominal legs should be bent; neck strain and not due back should not work.

To strengthen the upper abdomen should move to the top of the sternum, lifting the trunk area and contracting. The legs should be bent and feet set; contracts the abdomen to the shoulder blades off the ground, keeping your head still.

The lower abdomen it must work by lying on her back with her head and arms extended along the body. Lift up your legs while bended head, taking care not to strain your back. You should start with short runs and gradually increase them.

Of course, you can not only lower abdominal volume and tone with as only a supplementary aerobic activity to burn fat is achieved which is that area (which lies between the muscles and skin). With 25 minutes three times a week is enough, but can be up to 40 minutes. The ideal activities are: cycling, jogging, elliptical, swimming or aerobics.

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