General tips apply to all diets

General tips diet1. Design with seriousness and realism Plan and try to fit as much as possible to the chosen diet. Take it seriously. There are things that help:

Keep a diary in which list all types of incidents, including: weight (weighed first get up), points where you miss your diet, headaches, stomach aches or general.

Make a public commitment to Peder weight. Many people take it in secret and this increases the difficulty (family meals, invitations to go out to restaurants).

Talk of “the challenge”-at least among family and friends that are related more will help a lot and find understanding and help if properly raised. Flee from “fat-burning” regimes effortlessly aware that itself will cost an effort.
Take for healthy activities and “slimming”: walk, emphasize very healthy foods, read nutrition or tips on “how to live”, massages, showers, bathrooms ….
Become aware of the benefits of lower weight, such as lowering cholesterol, heart problems, decreased risk of certain cancers associated with obesity, strengthen their will …
Imagine lighter / light, try to display its advantages few minutes at night just before sleep (really works): clothes that can get back, walk and move faster, wellness.
Drink plenty of water or fluids and infusions in general. The good diets never limit the liquid. Look at least a goal of 3 liters per day.
Try going to the bathroom every day regularly. Elimination is important and contribute to the success of his plan.
Sleep eight hours. sleeping little fat. Insufficient sleep causes the generation of the hormone that stimulates appetite and inhibits gives satiety signals to the brain, as pointed out by researchers at the University of Chicago, recently.

2. Remember if thins much in a few days and has a very rigid diet consult a specialist if you feel sick (frequent headaches, constipation strong …) especially if the diet is prefaced by extensive periods (eg 7-15 days ).

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