For more functional exercise – lift weights

Talk about getting the best from your body that is not only how it looks, but how it plays. If you can do your daily activities with ease and energy then you can say that your body is functional for those tasks you do daily. Anyway, get the best version of your body does not necessarily mean having the smallest size or more muscular body. It means having a body that does what you need without discomfort or pain. And the good news is that it does not take long to get the best out of your body, a functional body.

Strength training is essential to achieve a better body as it improves both the appearance and operation. By doing so you build muscle tissue, which increases your metabolism and helps shed fat body. At the same time strengthen your bones and joints, providing a solid foundation for your daily activities. Weight training has long since ceased to be a purely aesthetic exercise. Weight lifting is widely more than that …

Some strength workouts have become popular these days, even some routines are trend this year as they concentrate on emulating the movements of our daily activities, making them easier to carry. Instead of isolating a muscle group, exercise your body as a whole, as it functions in daily life in the day to day activities. These exercises involving the major muscle groups and burn more calories doing (improving our body composition), but also and train your body to be strengthened to perform dynamic movements on a typical day.

Here are some recommendations for a more functional training:
Incorporates free weights: The machines have their place in training, but often provide much support that the body has to work to maintain balance and fitness. In real life we do not have that support. Using barbells and dumbbells do your body create its own support, leading to a stronger body overall.

Compound exercises: Usually we do a combination of moves throughout the day, so they combine well with weights is the best way to ensure the strength to realize them in our daily activities easily and effortlessly. Some examples of these exercises are squats, lunges, dumbbell lateral flights; the bench press chest that also strengthens the core and stabilizers used, medicine ball exercise is also a good alternative.

To complete all these exercises have to be done with bars, discos and dumbbells, which is the best way to make more functional weight training.

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