Fluid loss

Aerobic activity is the activity of various muscle groups of the body, through its enable controlled contraction and relaxation movements.

As a result of muscle contraction and relaxation heat release occurs, which determines the body to activate the mechanism for regulation of temperature.

It is common after several minutes of physical activity begin to sweat, which seeks to reduce the body temperature by heat loss occurred.

Heat production occurs whenever activate muscles reason, we cannot control. The body regulates the perspiration to maintain the temperature within a stable range, therefore achieving hydration is vital chord.

Hydration should be done from the moment you start physical activity and during the same whether it will be prolonged.

Sport leads to dehydration normal physiological requiring subsequent replacement of adequate water and mineral salts lost.

The best fluid is water so that you have all the nutrients to replenish losses from aerobic physical activity.

So when you exercise not forget the bottle with water to properly hydrate.

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