Fattening behaviors and how to overcome!

If you can incorporate these habits will show then you’ll be fine in your weight loss efforts. But do not try to incorporate them all together because as every habit you have to develop it a bit, add it and give your place in time for him to stay. The best approach is to start with one or two behaviors and work on them until they are in our daily lives. Attack the one you imported because it is easier, and then moved to the other and incorporate with patience.

Let’s see what behaviors are fattening how to modify…

Eating at full speed
Do not eat like the last supper. If you are on a weight loss plan does not have to eat but not change the quality of what you eat and eat slowly, chewing, tasting, allowing your body to assimilate what you eat. What many people do is choking on food and makes lunch in five minutes, having eaten the amount they eat two and up to the minute to finish still have hunger.

Eat slowly, chew and enjoy food. Your stomach sends a signal to the brain that it is satisfied in 20 minutes. Take time to eat and allows the signal to reach without getting unnecessary amount of food.

Decontrol weekend
The custom of the diets is given days off, at least one that is usually located at the weekend. But what, diet or no diet many people throw away all the effort weekly to eat enormous amounts of food. And to top it all elections are the highest calorie and less healthy.

Cheating is allowed, but please do not understand the term as possible to catch up on all the calories lost during the week, but as the time to give you a taste within every weight loss program allows. Eat whatever you want maybe, but do not confuse what you want to eat whatever you want in the quantities you want.

The drink
I will not say how bad alcohol does to those who want to lose weight because that we have discussed in other blog articles. Today I want to share this information.

Many people come from work and the first thing it does is open the fridge to drink a beer. If this person was you, and drank two cans of beer every night, or a few glasses of wine with lunch and dinner drink all that can mean an amazing 2000 calories, maybe more. And we’re not talking about the weekend in which alcohol increases for social gatherings. Know that 2000 extra calories that come from the drink is literally a lot. We still have to eat and the average person needs 2,000 calories per day just to stay.

So if what is happening is that you consume alcohol and are having trouble losing weight that can serve a recommendation is this: leave it for a week and see what happens to your body. If you do not want to quit reduce test, but the sacrifice of one week is nothing compared to the joy of achieving what you’re looking for so desperately, losing weight. Anyway reevaluate your priorities and act accordingly.

Eating in front of TV
Studies have shown that when eating in front of the TV will overeat when you do not. But there is a kind of law say, the more tale look less active is your day. And if you eat watching television over what will happen? Quite contrary to lose weight right?

In general if you want something you have to compromise on something else, and I do not think the death off the TV for 20 minutes to sit and eat at a table, a quiet and chewing well.

Skipping meals
Not eating plays havoc with our ability to control appetite, and as a bonus destroy our willpower. Almost inevitably starve after skipping any meal or eat well off enough calories, and that in turn makes us feel bad about it, we started to tell us that the diet does not work or worse, they do not serve to make diet.

Just do not fall into the trap that become slim by eating less faster or better, that does not work. What does work is distributed daily calories in different foods made in similar periods and that none of them will pass the 400 calories. That would be a practical example, simple and keep us fed and our program running.

These are some tips that can serve to enhance your weight loss, others that come to mind is to not eat sufficient amounts of food, no drinking water and resist eating healthy. Anyway, now have more tools at hand to add to your arsenal to have and enjoy a healthy weight. I hope you take advantage.

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