Exercises for stretch marks

Women perform physical activity for purposes other than men. No doubt they share the practice of sport or physical activity looking to lose weight and achieve a slim silhouette.

But women increasingly physical activity to improve certain aspects of his personal aesthetic. The exercises for stretch marks are a practice that is growing as a way to prevent or combat this problem.

Stretch marks are a cosmetic problem of great relevance for women, for the major exhibition body produces in some sectors. Stretch marks are caused by rupture of the collagen fibers in the dermis of the skin by a rapid distension,

for example during pregnancy. For this reason, it is gaining ground exercises to stretch marks, seeking greater flexibility and elasticity of the skin to reduce the appearance of this problem in the future.

The gymnastic exercises localized level abdomen, hips and back are the pillars for better preparation trying to avoid the appearance of stretch marks in the future. With this aesthetic problem the best strategy is prevention treatment to prevent later irreversible damage occurs.

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