Exercise routine to burn fat

Perform routine at the gym or at home that are limited to the use of machines may not be the best choice for burning fat.

One of the disadvantages of attending a gym especially if

  • Let jumping from machine to machine without knowing what we are doing, or
  • A coach makes us jump from machine to machine without knowing what it puts us do.

The problem with machines is that they stick to perform moves usually or vertical or horizontal and focusing muscle in one area, rather than using exercises that allow us greater mobility with an effort of at least 2 muscles or body areas, further promoting the burning of fat.

A routine that can do that will help you start burning fat with very difficult movements and makes exercising several muscle areas is the Body Weight Routine for Beginners shared them recently, is super simple, has few exercises and did not take long.

If it is very easy and want something that will put a sweat really, can deal with the following routine, which consists of 5 exercises to burn fat.

The 5 Exercises to Burn Fat

  1. Triple squat press: Through a squat (or squat) holding a dumbbell and when we are in the down position raise the dumbbell with hands to the left, center and right. It is 10 times.
  2. Lizard vertical dumbbell: Lizard is performed (or push-up) placing one or both feet on the dumbbell positioned vertically on the ground. If you have a hard, realize without the dumbbell. It is 10 times.
  3. Reverse Lunge with bicep curls: Was performed first a bicep curl holding a dumbbell with both hands and then a stride (or lunge) with one leg backwards. It performs 10 times and then the same with the other leg.
  4. Remo crossed dumbbell: In squat position taking a dumbbell in one hand, a paddle is made (i.e. pull the dumbbell back) by moving the upper body 180 (helping with the other arm) and then forward. Are conducted with an arm 10 and 10 with each other.
  5. Table Rocky (or Rocky Plank): It is done by relying on a dumbbell with one arm, putting the other arm behind his back holding the position for 15 seconds, then the same with the other arm.

After completing all 5 exercises, rest for a minute and come back to do it again until it 3 or 4 times. It is important that before you start make a warming and stretching muscles. At the end can add a bit of cardio for about 20-40 minutes and at the end stretch back to prevent injury.

Remember also that it is important to have a healthy diet to help them burn fat with these exercises.

If you are looking for the perfect opportunity to start exercising, this is now! No more excuses, no more delays. It’s time to start exercising your body already.

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