Dinner only fruit diet

The feeling of lightness when dinner fruit is not necessarily reflected in the weight. The custom of dining only fruit is relatively common in many people concerned about their figure, their extra kilos and their health. It occurs mostly in women of all ages.

They usually reserve dinner time for the three recommended daily servings of fruits and even some more if they come home hungry. They understand that they are foods that are satisfying and filling. At the same time, they believe that make dinner a light menu in calories.

Dinner with unexpected surprise
The surprise was the lead when, after one or two weeks of following the plan frugal dinner (only fruit), prove that they have not lost weight or if they have, they have not lost the unwanted kilos.

In many cases, if you do not lose weight is because the person no fat left over, so that the body does not put in place the necessary mechanisms to discard it. It happens that the annoying extra kilos for which there is a shift in the dinners respond to the lack of muscle tone from lack of exercise (is marked the tummy and uncomfortable sagging arms).

Dinner only fruit is a relatively widespread notion among many people, but wrong if you want to lose weight. Anyway, yes it can be effective on a temporary basis if the aim is to lighten the body when suffering retention.

Diuretic cannot slimming
The concentration of the three daily servings of fruit at dinner menu displaces other foods needed in the diet.

Fruits are a food group with a very specific nutritional composition. They are abundant in water and fiber, indisputable source of vitamins (vitamin C, folic acid, beta carotene or pro vitamin A), and minerals such as potassium and magnesium. Complete nutritional value pigments, which fruits serve a dual purpose. First their coloring, giving tone to the skin or the flesh of the fruit. Second, its antioxidant power, so supplements are indisputable preventive diet.

The combination of all these nutrients in fruits explains the essential property of plants to cleanse the body. Therefore, its regular consumption is manifested in a physical and mental improvement. It feels clearer head and body, particularly the legs, lighter and less cumbersome. It strengthens the arteries and veins, thereby improving blood circulation. They note that much urine, so they remove more waste substances, but not fat. So, who eat fruit feels lighter, something that is not necessarily reflected in the weight (if the reason is not overweight fluid retention).

Smart Dinner
Losing weight is possible if carried to fruition the dietary changes that have led to weight gain, as long as those changes are durable over time.

One of the issues essential for weight loss diet is to ensure a correct food choice and adjust quantities of each individual needs. In the case of fruit, eat three a day is enough. Taking more of the same unbalanced diet for two main reasons, which justify why fruit is not only slimming dinner.

First, the concentration of three or more servings of fruit at dinner menu moves other foods for its essential nutritional value; have to be covered in the daily diet (eggs, fish and vegetables). Furthermore, a dinner abundant in fruits and translates calorie sweet sugars from these foods. However, a diet is effective for weight loss by ensuring that the consumption of all foods, including fruit, not disproportionate to not unbalance the day’s total calories.

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