Diet to quit smoking without gaining weight

The entry into force of the new smoking ban is on the lips of many; and it is estimated that over three million people try to quit smoking this year. For this reason, it is interesting to make you get this information from the unit Slimming and Nutrition Comprehensive Aesthetic Medical Center in Spain, and in view of the extension of the smoking ban we offer some useful tips to dispense snuff winless kilos.

Nicotine besides creating a physical and psychological dependence, is a metabolic stimulant, so you still eating the same, to remove the stimulus, it is much more difficult to burn calories. Typically, then, that the state of anxiety push binge, and gain kilos.

Not imply dispense snuff win several kilos, plan your food and you will not have to suffer the excesses of anxiety.

Smokers have a deficiency of vitamin C so the food is based on a greater amount of this vitamin, you have to watch the calories and reduce anxiety has scheduled mid-afternoon drink to avoid trips to the refrigerator or chocolate.

All these eating patterns must be accompanied with the practice of physical activity, since nicotine is a metabolic accelerator, and deleted becomes indispensable increase energy expenditure.

Anti smoking

  • Note that food should not be a substitute for cigarettes and should respect the 3-5 meals a day
  • Do not snack between meals, or take goodies
  • Anxiety can calm down with sugarless gum, candy watch!! All bring lots of calories (even those who proclaim that “help you stay slim”)
  • Avoid, if possible, those habits or foods ritually were taking a cigarette, for example. Coffee from the desktop
  • Increase foods with vitamin C as fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Infusions and chicken soup help relax and calm the anxiety caused by the lack of snuff.
  • Make 5 meals a day better than 3, because the stomach is so relentlessly entertaining, eat 5 times a day does not mean fat, you have to plan them carefully and breakfast, mid-morning have a light snack, eat a little lighter, a afternoon tea and a light quick dinner.
  • If you’ve been sedentary calm anxiety is good with a little exercise to help you release tension. Depending on the age you can start by walking, running, going to the pool or join a gym and if you already athlete increases slightly the pace of your workout.

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