Diet products: Same taste-fewer calories

Summer comes and with it the excesses of power is clear that having a healthy balanced diet is becoming increasingly difficult.

However, it is key to have a varied diet to combat common issues such as overweight and obesity, more and more widespread in our society, especially among the smallest in the house.

About overweight and obesity has ruled Dr. Adam Drewnowski, director of the Center for Obesity Research and the University of Washington in the United States, in an interview in The News, concerned at the increasing this social problem.

It’s all about balance
One of the first recommendations made by Dr. Drewnowski is to maintain a balanced diet, based on the variety of food. Fats and sweets are not bad in themselves but their consumption should be balanced with other foods, that is, not only to the power base in fats and starches.

Vegetables, dairy, fruits, vegetables along with some daily exercise are the keys to feed properly.

All united against childhood obesity
Another allegation of Dr. Drewnowski is that overweight in childhood is a complex problem that should be addressed on many fronts. To fix should have the support of parents, schools, government agencies to ensure policies and programs more effective.

Rhythm and cause daily stress becomes an increasingly common problem, so fight it all together is the solution.

The recommendation of the expert on aspartame in diet products
Finally, Dr Drewnowski concluded his interviews by saying that the best products can help solve this social problem are those that are part of the Mediterranean diet. Regarding the energy imbalance that results from the difference between calories consumed and expended, it is recommended the consumption of light, because they have the same taste, bring feeling of satisfaction and satiety similar and contain far fewer calories.

In addition, consuming these low calorie products is completely safe. Many of them, soft drinks and food products contain aspartame, a sweetener completely safe as the European Authority for Food Security.

I’m glad what Dr Drewnowski says I always put in my power light products, and have never been sure whether it was true that they had less calories, I now know that my habits were good.

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