Diet errors!

You’ve been eating salads and fruit for weeks and you have not lost one gram?

These are the most common mistakes in diet:

  • Think short term: The only way to reach out and make your ideal weight is to change your eating habits for life.
  • Allow you extra snacks: Many women are allowed a few crackers or a daily candy bar as a “reward” to follow their diet.

  • Not include exercise: Exercise stimulates our metabolism and helps burn calories faster. Get sport!
  • Ban you food: Do not associate diet with ban: Devoted one day a week to be able to eat any of your “extracurricular” favorite foods in moderation.
  • Skip meals: Don’t do it because you will get much more hungry than normal to the next meal.
  • Thinking that the only healthy foods are low in calories: Remember that there are many foods such as olive oil, nuts, avocados, meat to be included in a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Serve you too big portions: Serve on small plates.
  • Forget that beverages contain calories: Almost all drinks have sugar, sweeteners or alcohol. Drink water!

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