Choosing to activating your metabolism

To lose weight you have to activate the metabolism. But and how is it done? Take note, today we give you the keys.

It tones the muscles
Muscle mass consumes much more energy than fat. And so the first thing we do is to work the muscles. If you cannot go to the gym and use machines, you can do at home using a couple of bottles of water.
You can do three days a week

Aerobic exercise
Walking, jogging, swimming, stationary cycling, mountain biking, dancing … even shopping all means move. You will do your work for cardiopulmonary system and burn calories. Try it daily and can be 30 to 60 minutes, which is when the body begins to burn fat reserves we have. If you do it in the morning will help to keep the metabolism active all day.

Breakfast very important
With breakfast our metabolism gets the energy we need to get going, to digest and burn calories first. Take fresh fruit, a dairy product, or natural juice and cereals. If you do not eat breakfast, your body will react down your metabolism because by not receiving food protects itself energy saving.

1200 calories a day
It is important to not lower than 1,200 calories a day if you take less your metabolism lacks sufficient energy to maintain its core functions. If you take a light snack at noon and mid-afternoon, but we will get to the food with less hunger.

Daily walk
You have to walk a thousand times during the day and subtract calories on the scale: shopping, after work, weekends, leaving the car at home one day.
Walk at least 10 to 30 minutes every day.

Find yourself duties you have to move
As never use the elevator, if not, climb stairs, park a little further away from where you go. If you do not like the gym, you can join ballroom dancing, or other sports that you like better, the important thing is that you move.

Punish bad eating little and you will suffer
You will have poor health and prevent you from losing weight. If occasionally you see a whim, Compensate for the next meal. Weight loss takes time and it does not usually miss slowly recover, yes, it should not go down more than a kilo a week.

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