Calories do not exist!

Calories are not sure that is what the neurologist and nutritionist associates Yann Rougier mind and stomach and has developed a diet based on colors. The key to successful weight loss diet is cooking as previously (i.e. good) and not through the frustration and obsession with calorie. So of course they said yesterday the French neurologist and nutritionist

Yann Rougier in the University of Valencia. In his opinion, the calories do not exist because they are not biological but a measure math and one of the greatest dangers of modern society is the rise of sugar in our diets and the loss of traditional food associations.

But follow the Mediterranean diet may be our salvation. Paella is a complete and balanced dish, where rice is tender and eat very slowly because the more slowly ingest food, more become slim.

Child’s play
This is what ends up being the application of its tables. The green area can eat at will. The orange combined with green. From the little red and green mixed with violet and you should avoid if you want to lose weight.

All information can be found in the recently published book ‘Lose weight with me’. Rougier has worked with elite athletes. In Monaco founded Forté Pharma Laboratories and now has purchased the Valencian Natraceutical.

The new term is the SLIM-data: thin with low metabolism rate. Consists eat everything but associate so that a food is offset by the other. We must transform the food in a message to the body slimming. Working across insulin and serotonin (which affects the central nervous system) in neurons and hormones. Think of the stomach can only lead to misunderstandings with our brain.

Rougier said that after 30 years of experience, you can say that no diet works, at least, those that seek to lose weight quickly. Today there are 17,000 diets. And what others deny a claim. Rougier says obesity is growing by 80% every five years and that our diet has changed more in the last 50 years than in the previous 50 centuries.

Should be cooked to the point. No matter if the meat or vegetables are undercooked, but it costs to digest.

Vegetables rebalance the acid-base and act in the brain causing satiety and telling us to stop eating.

Avoid fried it: It is very oxidizing. Must use olive oil or peanut oil but no sunflower oil.

Nothing precooked rice: The warming in a minute in the microwave. The glucose level of this rice is twice the normal fattening thus doubled.

Neither organic food: Eat only that is a mistake. Neither diet of the artichoke, pineapples. lose weight but just unbalance our brain and regaining weight.

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