Artichoke Diet

The action of the artichoke act against grease and diuretic and purifying capacity and have a positive effect on weight quickly.

Artichoke helps digestion of fats. In fact, it is easy to find in pharmacies numerous preparations of this food (artichoke with algae, for example) designed to help digest heavy meals that overload the liver and gallbladder.

Also, your calorie intake very low level also makes it a perfect food for diets.

The virtues of the artichoke are many. It is diuretic, kidney and liver cleansing, activating the functions of the liver in general.

Properties are attributed to act against cellulite and skin beautification.

  • Breakfast: fruit (banana if abuse or similar) with skim milk. Coffee with skim milk.
  • Lunch: Recipes with artichokes choice. e.g. Rice with artichokes. See below, recipes with artichokes.
  • Dinner: Recipes based lightweight choice artichokes that are light and soft: Grilled Artichokes, steamed artichokes with lemon and oil.

Supplements to distribute: a yogurt and cottage cheese in small amounts, a little bread. The diet provides (drinking water) feel full, so you will not go hungry. Do not forget to follow the advice to lose weight quickly.

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