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Aqua gym
The aerobics is recommended to overweight people with orthopedic injuries, with mobility and joint stability in knees.

The aerobics is a type of aquatic fitness exercises which focus on muscle tone, in repetitions and work with different materials, such as weights or balls, among others. In essence, the move is aqua gym into aquatic physical work being done on the ground advantage, though, the possibilities provided by the new medium. It usually takes place in shallow pools (1.50 m to 1.20 m), but can also run on other types of pools. The correct temperature should be between 28 º C and 31 º C.

With aqua gym improves overall fitness, since their exercises achieves adaptability to different swimming techniques. It allows for a better recovery from injury, so it is for people in rehabilitation. It will work different muscle groups specifically (with repeated movements between 15 and 60 times) and alternate exercises top, middle (oblique’s and abdominals) and lower body, varying the different parts throughout the session.

Students may find themselves standing on the edge of the pool or stay afloat in the water. The type of exercise that can be done: low impact, with smooth sliding on the ground and keeping at least one foot on the floor, high impact, with jumps and loss of contact with the ground and the body upward projection; and without impact, corresponding to those years in which the body is floating and not touching the feet on the ground.

Benefits Aqua gym
There are several advantages of this fitness water front land practices. They work all the muscles, so that the entire body is benefited by its practice. It is precisely for this completeness that is suitable for all. Besides the benefits for seniors, is also recommended for those who are overweight, in recovery, with orthopedic injuries, with mobility and joint stability in knees, ankles or back problems in general. It is also a very suitable exercise for pregnant women.

The weightlessness (low gravity) allows the reduction of the impact of the body to the ground and, with this, the stress on the joints. This feature makes water exercise can be more durable and frequent. It also allows people with disabilities to benefit from the release of water adds weight. The psychological benefit in this regard is clear.

The hydro static pressure, which initially may be uncomfortable for causing respiratory discomfort, ultimately improving the respiratory muscles and ventilation capacity. It also provides body position upright, something very interesting for people who need external help to maintain this position. Also, slow movements causing the water pressure to detect long before further falls in these individuals. The aquatic environment is also suitable for people who want to prevent or treat phlebitis, as the hydro static pressure helps to improve blood circulation.

The difficulty moving in water facilitates the development of strength and muscle tone, which can also be complemented with the addition of accessories, like a ball (which helps the body adapt to the needs of each person, offering more or less resistance) and, in the same way, improves the qualities and physical capabilities overall fitness, aerobic and muscle. Logically, this water feature makes it suitable for people with osteoporosis; you will see enhanced muscle strength.

Water also provides a better muscular balance and regularization. Body temperature is much more stable, providing greater comfort and makes the workout more enjoyable. Also, provides relaxation and tranquility aqua gym who practice it, especially for the sedative effect of warm water.

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