All the keys of the dissociated diet

What consists? what are the best tips for putting it into practice?, how would the different meals of the day with this type of power be made?

Made in the early 20th century by the American doctors there and Shelton, the dissociated diet is based on the following basis: in the same way that not all foods are composed of the same nutrients, nor is equal your digestive processes along the intestinal tract. A circumstance that makes that there are ‘good’ combinations of food , and bad combinations .

From these rules, which dissociated diet proposes is to separate foods belonging to the Group of proteins  and those belonging to the Group of carbohydrates or carbohydrate in the main meals. To produce this separation in time , the functional mechanisms of digestion are interrupted and this prevents the efficient use of nutrients. In terms of energy, this type of digestion is very expensive, which forces the body to use its fat reserves and therefore gets to lose weight. Here are the tip to the doctor and nutrition expert Marta Aranzadi proposes to make the most of this diet:

  • It is better to eat at noon the hydrates of carbon, because they have a higher rate of satiety and avoids the feeling of hunger.
  • Carbohydrates should not be mixed: for example, if you take rice, not take potatoes. Meals of two dishes can be made: for example, salad of chicory and spaghetti with tomato and basil and watercress salad and rice with mushrooms, or can also be a single dish, like a green salad with asparagus and boiled potatoes.
  • It is essential to not skip any food, therefore, although separately throughout the day provides all the necessary nutrients, nutritional deficits can occur otherwise.
  • The dinners are protein-based. They can be made also in two dishes or one only, as a salad of roast peppers with ventresca of bonito or green beans with prawns and egg.

This diet is based on separate foods belonging to the Group of proteins and those belonging to the Group of carbohydrates in the different meals of the day.

Pasta (preferably consumed at lunch time because it is a product rich in carbohydrates) can be mixed with vegetables but never with protein food.

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