A couple of eggs for breakfast, help lose weight

Their protein is taken as reference value.

  • Produces satiety and consumed fewer calories at the second meal of the day.
  • You lose more weight than breakfast, for example, bread.
  • In healthy adults do not increase the risk of heart disease.

Some years ago that the negative image of the egg has changed. It seems that they are healthy and necessary for a proper diet.

It contains lots of choline, a substance essential for the functioning of brain cells and required for the development of fetuses, and very convenient for mothers who breastfeed, children and elderly.

But now, a team from the University of Louisiana (USA) has presented a paper confirmation of an earlier, which says that eating two eggs a day can be helpful for weight loss.

To this end, more than one hundred studied overweight individuals, who underwent different diets. After two months, the group achieved a greater weight loss was the one that took two eggs a day for breakfast.

The reason for this could be satiety in providing, avoiding the pecking along the morning. Furthermore, the energy and protein they provide eggs allow better deal certain side effects of some regimes, such as dizziness, headaches and empty feeling in the stomach.

This theory confirms another study, published in the International Journal of Obesity, defending pon breakfast eggs instead of flour. In this study, blood lipids were not altered. There was no increase in “bad” cholesterol or triglyceride levels compared with subjects who were before starting the diet.

This supports the notion that healthy adults can eat eggs without increasing the risk of heart disease. All this is according to recent research, which concluded that it is necessary to consider the quality of proteins that are consumed, since low quality protein meal or a lesser amount of them contributes to the obesity, loss of mass muscle and increased the likelihood of developing chronic diseases.

Half of the high-quality protein that contains the egg are in the yolk, so it’s important to eat the whole egg.

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