5 steps to achieve that dream body

Achieve that body you dream is possible. You know it, you’ve always known but have not wanted to accept.

And not only that body you dream is something you can achieve virtually any goal that you desire or the can achieve, it’s all about making a dead stop and resume the course of your life.

The following five steps will serve not only to achieve that dream body that it will serve as a basis for any goal you have, only analyzes your logic and apply it in any field you need. Everything is in taking charge of your life again and plays the cards as they should.

5 Steps to achieve the body you dream
1. Winning Mentality
It all starts in the mind. Whether you want to lose X kilos of weight, have better physical condition or increase muscle mass x kilos , have to be satisfied (a) that can do it. You have to realize that you can do and what you will do.

You must get up every day with your goal to a level where you know you can achieve. Visualize yourself in that cuepo you dream, think how good you’ll feel about yourself (a) and the respect and admiration they receive from others to see how you manage what you approach. Visualize how you want to see in 3, 6 or 12 months. Visualize how you want to see you in 5, 10 or 20 years. See everything clearly, Believe it and executes all necessary steps to have that image in your mind every day until you do.

You must believe that you will achieve your goals even before you start.

2. Be clear about your goals
Saying “I want to look better” is not enough. The feel and look better is many ways around it.

My advice is: take a pen and paper and start listing all the things you want to achieve will yque related to your plan, from something as simple as “” to be on the beach in a bathing suit without embarrassment “to something more complicated like “run the marathon next X km XX XXX”. Lists all you want to achieve with yourself, what you want others to see in you personas.

So every time you achieve one of your goals to achieve, you can cross it off the list and celebrate your achievements. Every time you feel you want to leave everything thrown and no longer can more, have a look at your list and remember why you started all this and recharge your batteries motivation.

At the end when you manage to have a whole list of goals achieved, you will feel amazing!

3. You must have a plan
This is most important. You cannot just start exercising and start to “eat less” and expect to see the results you want.

You must have a plan and stay attached to it. If your dream is to have a better body, the two most important aspects are diet and exercise. You should consult an expert in the field to recommend an eating plan and an exercise routine to long term. It may be a nutritionist, a trainer or some method you get on the internet and have a good reputation.

Having these two, you can plan from day 1 and you will achieve your goals gradually. If your goals are less complicated, let me know what your plan, but do it! Having a plan gives you a way forward to achieve your goals.

There is no perfect routine or a perfect diet, but the important thing is that you choose or you elaborate one and you abide by it. You may have to change it halfway, but like everything, is a learning process where uncover: it works best on you.

4. Tell others
If you’ve decided to make the journey to a new lifestyle, tell your closest friends and family. If you dare even more, count on your favorite social network like Facebook.

Knowing that other people know of your plans will give you a kind of extra pressure (or peer pressure) to achieve what you want. Those closest to you will ask from time to time how you and if your results are beginning to see, will be more interested in how you’re making.

You can become a source of inspiration for others and at the end when you achieve what you promised, will admire you for it and even advise you on how to achieve the same.

5. Believe in yourself forever
Along your way you may be packed with people who try to take on your motivation and therefore your dreams. You see people who will not believe in you, you will laugh at your dreams, what you want to accomplish.

There will also be another person, the worst of all, they will try to sabotage your dreams, that will make you feel weak, vulnerable and will say, “do not be fooled more …” and want to bring you back to your “normal” life you’ve had thus time. That person is you (or at least that little red devil over your shoulder). You must believe in yourself from now until the last of your days. Every time you lift a weight, each time you prepare a recipe, each time you make a decision.. Believe in yourself. The more you believe it will be any easier. Do not let others decide for you. Do not let other people tell you what you can or cannot do.

You have control over your life, your future. You take your own decisions, you want your goals with all your desire keep that motivation up and watch nobody can stop you.

The body and life you dreamed is 5 steps. The when you will take the first step in you.

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