25 weight loss tips from Jillian Michaels

Coach, entrepreneur, mentor, blogger, author and fitness icon Jillian Michaels takes longer time in the field of fitness but was made famous by the TV show “The Biggest Loser”, a kind of reality show where two groups obese people competing with each other to see who lost more weight in the U.S. has brought conjunto. Esta programs, DVDs, books , video games , has appeared in hundreds of television shows and his message is always wanting to help people burn fat, lose weight and maintain a healthy and fit life through good nutrition and an active life always.

One aspect that I approve entirely of his philosophy is the one that states that each passing day we make choices that affect our health, for better or for worse. The physical state in which you are currently largely due to decisions you make for yourself and no one else. That double burger with bacon, that extra piece of pizza, this smoothie loaded with sugar, that day we decided to skip our routine and became a break that never ended, the food you brincaste … all contribute to your current health status.

I invite you to take a look at these 25 tips to lose weight, and some have mentioned in the blog but never hurts to repeat bad ;

Tips to lose weight Jilliam Michaels

  1. Do not exercise on an empty stomach. This will give you energy for your workouts and burn fat instead of muscle.
  2. Do not cross limit. When you begin, see your doctor. Work on levels for beginners / intermediate. Stay near your maximum heart rate. In two or three weeks will be stronger and fit, increase the intensity starts to top results.
  3. I got bored of doing the same exercise routine? Your body probably is too. So it’s probably time to change some things if you want to continue seeing results.
  4. No exercise is created in the same way. If you like to run, run, if you like to jog, jog, if you like going to yoga class, go to yoga class! Find the exercise that works best for you and do it.
  5. Do not compare yourself with others. Everyone is different and the key to losing weight is to create a lifestyle that works for you as an individual. Keep your goal in sight, is patient, love yourself and always arrive at your goals in no time.
  6. Make quality count. Decreases the maximum processed foods and avoid trans fat always and corn syrup, high fructose.
  7. Exercise not only makes your body tone, increases self-esteem, improves mood and increases metabolism. So let yourself excuses and get moving!
  8. To increase your exercise regimen, try to incorporate high intensity interval training sessions This means short (30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds, 2 minutes) of cardio into your strength routine.
  9. Avoid carbohydrates at dinner. Enjoy healthy whole grains avoid them during the day but at night because your metabolism to accelerate bedtime.
  10. Start reading the labels on what you buy. There is no way to live a healthy lifestyle without reading the labels. If you do not know what you put in your mouth, it’s like flying blind. Also assume that you know. You should check triplicate ingredients list and serving sizes, you must trust yourself and no one else will do the math for you.
  11. Order food grilled or baked when you eat out. And make sauces, condiments and dressings you put them aside. It’s amazing how many calories you get from them. When you have one, you have control over the lot.
  12. Choose fresh foods. Doing so significantly increase your metabolism and improve your overall health.
  13. The Six Pack is not just about doing crunches. The best way to make those abs is by burning the fat that is on top of the muscle with a combination of diet, cardio and resistance training in general.
  14. Get support either a trainer or a workout partner misery loves company or some help in this area will make everything better. This tactic makes you trustworthy to your partner and when things get tough, you have someone to help you succeed.
  15. If you are putting your eye to calories when eating out, ask the waiter to put or not you take the bread from your table. Simple but important tips.
  16. Try harder. If you like to walk outside, find a hill. If you are using the treadmill, try walking leaning or you can add a pair of dumbbells or weights to your legs to raise a little more your heart rate.
  17. Choose water or tea (hot) instead of soft drinks or diet drinks. Avoid a huge amount of calories.
  18. Take a multivitamin. Vitamins to help raise your metabolism to provide proper nutrients to your body. While it is true that we should get all our nutrients from the food we eat, it is difficult among so many processed foods we have today. Besides that when do diet, do not get the required amount of nutrients from food to support our body properly
  19. Ponte realistic goals. The race was won in a slow but steady. Stay out of the mouth more than you can chew. Achieve small goals on the way to bigger goals and ultimately accomplish more and you cross those little goals more frequently.
  20. Choose fruit or vegetables instead of sweets for your snacks or snacks.
  21. Avoid dangerous situations or that violate your diet. For example, avoid going to the donut shop on your way to work. Focus on your diet.
  22. If you exercise outside the gym, get your routine and keep you moving without relentlessly. Climb ladders, do a series of push-ups (push-ups), then strides and then jumps (jumping jacks). Stay in constant motion.
  23. Experience. Once a month try a different workout, either a sport or a new class. You may find something new that you like and this will help you fight boredom. Send a jolt to your training can also help to pass those stages that you could not pass.
  24. Mix your exercises. When you work your smaller muscles like your biceps or triceps, incorporates exercises for your lower body like squats or lunges while. This will increase your heart rate. Besides that you can finish your workout faster.
  25. Stand up! While you’re waiting here and there, just stand up and stay standing (a) from time to time. The sit makes our metabolism slows.

Analyze them well, read them 3 times and starts to apply them in your life.

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