Why never skinny fat?

One study recruited thin people who had never dieted and asked to consume more calories and stop playing sports. And the miracle happened: in 4 weeks gained weight between 3.5 and 5.5 kilos.

While science seems to be obsessed with obesity, there are many questions that so far have not been able to respond. Why, for example, some people seem to always eat what they want and not gain weight? Why do other people live constantly on a diet and cannot lose weight?

An experiment carried out at the BBC for the documentary program Horizon recruited 10 volunteers to try to answer these questions. The 10 individuals, all thin and had never been on a diet, spent four weeks devouring the pizzas, chips , ice cream and candy they wanted. While they were told not to do any exercise and to walk as little as possible.

If you eat more than necessary and do not do sport, slim line
During the four weeks of the study volunteers had to double the amount of calories consumed daily usually. The experiment was supervised specialist at Columbia University in New York.

He believes that everyone has a natural weight biologically determined and that our body performs every effort to stay at that weight, we are thin or fat.

The body tends to constantly try to return to normal body weight than our share, said the specialist. But, he adds, there are other factors that also influence a person’s weight.

Gaining weight is not a lottery, is scientific
50% is due to our genes and the other 50% is probably due to the environment, he says. If a person has the gene for Huntington’s disease, he explains, will get the disease in 100% of the time. But this is certainly not the case with obesity.

The used to perform physical exercise or sports found difficult the limitation in physical effort. Eating much was easy since I’m used to eating more than usual when I prepare for a career says Thomas Patel Campbell, a keen sportsman who participated in the study.

I was one of only two volunteers who became ill during the entire experiment. But what was difficult was to limit myself to only 5,000 steps a day, he says.

The typical menu of participants consisted mainly desserts, snacks, chips with high fat content, fatty casseroles, etc. Many participants, however, were unable to maintain this gluttony and vomited every week.

And two volunteers were unable to consume the calorie quota allocated to them each day. Conclusion: after four weeks, the volunteers were up between 3.5 and 5.5 kilos.

The real secret of the thin
As we always say, there are no magic recipes for losing weight and keeping it in time, but the formula used to successfully lose weight and not to gain weight is to eat only well and exercising regularly.

A recent study, based on the experiences of those called? Thinners successful? Has proven what we always say, allowing state that a healthy lifestyle is more effective for weight loss diets that expensive pills or fat burners products.

And another thing: only 3% of the? Always thin? Said eat anything and not gain weight. For always thin? Healthy habits (eating fruit and vegetables, not to abuse fats and sweets) are more natural than for the rest, confirming that it is possible to create good conduct and behavior from childhood to prevent obesity and other diseases associated with lifestyle.

That is, faults do crash diets, special treatments, books or expensive pills: just keep a healthy lifestyle, we can lose weight slowly but steadily and enjoy the benefits for a long time.

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