White tea! the most potent antioxidant in nature

White tea, originally from the high mountains of Fujian Province of China, is actually a green tea which just contain outbreaks before they open, that arise in early spring. Its color is pale green with fine white hair (hence the name). This is the moment when all energy and all plant nutrients are concentrated in the shoots.

It is a drink you can take each day as well as a pleasant taste has endless benefits for our body.

The properties of White Tea

  • White tea is more effective than green tea because it contains three times more polyphenols (a powerful antioxidant that helps boost our defenses and helps fight free radicals).

  • Considering that free radicals oxidize cells and that this favors aging and disease (including cancer) can understand that some studies say that white tea increases immunity, fight cellular aging and is a good ally to prevent cancer.
  • Protects against tooth decay due to its richness in Fluorine.
  • Combat physical and mental fatigue. Increases concentration and memory.
  • Has half the caffeine than green tea which is most recommended for people more nervous or do not need this exciting effect.
  • Ideal anti-obesity diet as it has no calories, is very pleasant, increases our energy, is mildly diuretic and helps to eliminate fat.
  • It is a good ally to cardiovascular disease and lowering levels of LDL  cholesterol and triglycerides.


White tea has been discovered recently as the most potent antioxidant in nature.

According to Janet Pardo, vice president of new product development for Origins, white tea is 100% more effective than green tea because it contains three times more polyphenols, a potent antioxidant present in all types of tea, well known to increase the defenses of organism and neutralize the activity of free radicals.

Free radicals cause oxidation of the cells at times can cause cancer. Thanks to these polyphenols neutralized the action of free radicals.

On the other hand, white tea is capable of protecting the production of lipids 10 times better than green tea. Besides this tea by itself is far more effective than vitamin C and vitamin E together.

In short, white tea, green tea actually has special qualities. The properties of white tea compared to green tea, you will be informed about the reasons for drinking white tea. It is also very useful in beauty treatments, so you can apply cosmetics with white tea for skin care.

Did you know that white tea?

The development of white tea has been one of the best kept secret for centuries as a tea was used exclusively for the emperor and his entourage. People of the common people should not benefit from this tea is said to be contributing to immortality. The penalty was death to try it.

White Tea, like Red Tea and most teas, you can often get in herbal, natural food stores or those specializing in the sale. (It is possible that in some countries still is not). You will be interested to know other reasons to drink white tea, in addition to its utility in cosmetics.

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