When you eat, stay seated

Eating with the rear seat rested on eating fewer calories helps!

The next time you go to throw you something in your mouth, sit down first and will reduce the chances of get like a barrel in the future. People who eat according to traditional patterns ingest fewer calories at their next meal than those who eat standing, according to a Canadian study. Researchers served 64 adults identical portions of soup, a sandwich, a piece of fruit and a yogurt. Half of the participants ate sitting at a table with tablecloth, while the other half did standing at a bar.

The seated group consumed a third less when they were served a plate of pasta at the next meal. “All the trappings of a formal meal (tablecloth, music, silverware?) Make you think you’ve eaten more than you actually eat, increasing your levels of satiety” explains study author, Dr. Patricia Pliner. So enjoy over meals without skimping with the presentation.

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