Weight Training Concepts that can trigger your results

These are some of the concepts and principles of weight training you can incorporate into your training to get the best possible results.

Reflect on them, which one or ones analyzes can implement and take your training to another level.

Pyramid – The idea is very simple: given multiple sets for a given exercise, what you do is start your first set with less weight and more reps, and you increase the weight gradually while you reduce repetitions during sets remaining. This concept allows you to prepare the muscle for a gradually increasing intensity. Apply for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Supersets – Working a muscle and its opposite one alongside the other, and resting as little as possible between sets. Train chest with back, biceps triceps, quadriceps with hamstrings. Training also has many benefits: increased strength, muscle rests when you’re training the other and more blood is pumped throughout the area worked. For intermediate and advanced.

Comprehensive pre-training – This is pre-fatigue the muscle to be working with an isolation exercise that muscle before train with compound exercises that follow. For example, to prepare the pectoral pec deck or butterfly before doing bench press seated leg extensions before squats. This training is done in advance so that when you train these muscles in question reach muscle failure, if this is what is sought. Only advanced.

Tri-series – Make three straight series of different exercises for the same muscle group with the least possible break (call let the dumbbells to work out in the bars for example). This is an advanced technique that only runs sporadically because of the applicant’s training.

Priority muscle – For intermediate and advanced, it is a simple technique that trains first least developed muscle groups and are given the utmost attention to achieve the maximum possible effort. Ideal for weak muscle groups or want improved.

Giant Sets – Make 4-6 exercises for the same muscle group with the lowest possible break between sets. The giant sets are used to make it absolutely exhausted muscles involved. Like tri-series, is a technique used very occasionally overwhelming stimulation because the party is exercised in this way. Pure and exclusively to advanced.

Composite Series – Similar to supersets, alternating in this case two exercises for the same muscle group with the lowest possible rest between each set. Each exercise fatigue the muscle involved in a slightly different way to do it two years in a row with little or no rest gives muscles a deeper stimulation and pumping more blood into them. For intermediate and advanced.

Staggered Series – This technique is very simple, and is training small muscle groups like calves or forearms, or muscles behind in the middle of the series of large muscle groups. For example, do a set of chest or back or legs and in the middle you put a number of calves. Thus while the large muscle is resting add an exercise for muscle weak or small that overall not affect your performance in training large groups. Then, when you finish the training of those large muscle groups, train the small muscles normally. For intermediate and advanced.

We hope these principles and concepts to improve the quality of your training and you also do with the results you can get for your time invested. Use them wisely, use them strictly according to your level of experience with weights and surely you will benefit a lot from these concepts.

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