Weight lose surgical procedure techniques

surgical procedureWhether opposite the action bikini, or presently for health reasons, many people in Spain who are overweight or overweight turn to surgery to lose those additional kilos. Because sometimes we have discussed the special methods available, but in summary today we will mention as at present used in function they want to weight lose the kilos.

The contrasting balloon is usually suggestion patients who are overweight between 15 and 25 kilos, which is achieved by drastically dropping the sensation of appetite due to satiety that causes the ball stayed in the stomach. The satisfied of the ball is saline, and the results observed when removing the ball at six months indicate that it is twenty times more effective than a diet.

The gastric band, suggested for people whose weight is between about 30 and 60 kilos. It’s interesting because this system is performed without opening the belly. It basically consists of placing a silicone band around the stomach forcing the patient to eat small amounts for a year and a half.

The sleeve mastectomy, for the same profile as the previous patient, the results can be even higher, allowing 30 to lose 75 kilos in ten months, ie, you lose more weight in less time. It does not require opening the abdomen, but the idea is to give the stomach a hose with 1.5 cm in diameter, this forces the patient to eat very little without going hungry.

Gastric bypass is a technique that allows a greater weight loss, and therefore advises people who want or need to lose between 75 and 100 kilos. It basically consists of reducing the stomach, and excluding 150 cm. Intestinal absorption of food. After a year the patient can lose more than forty pounds.

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