War on Fat

Ghrelin is a chemical compound secreted by the body, that arouses your appetite and burn fat prevents. Kill it with the help of this system 24 hours.

7.30 With Swiss precision
Good breakfast helps you to stop snacking. Become a dose of calcium, which will curb any diabolical ghrelin and add muesli (containing 110mg of calcium per 100g) whole milk (115mg per 100g). Calcium decreases the urge to nibble and also reduces the levels of LDL (or bad cholesterol).

On your break, replaced by coffee mate, a drink that is taken from ancient times in South America. Its high chromium stabilizes your glycemic index. Therefore, you will forget peck while avoiding having energy slumps.

According to tests conducted by MRI at Penn State University (USA), your body takes longer to digest a bowl of soup that a cooked vegetable. The soup gets dissipated ghrelin and not be hungry for at least twice as long as if you ate nothing. Also, take a supplement of vitamin D and calcium tablets. This will help you have the level of lipids under control while you lose weight.

14.00 JUNK FOOD, OR smell!
According to a study by the University of West Virginia (USA) “natural perfume of mint triggers the production of dopamine, a substance that improves our mood, at once, is scientifically proven to combat junk food binge “.

It ends with the urge to snack between meals due to whey protein, you can take a beating. Not only will help to stabilize the glycemic index by slowing the absorption of glucose, but also has a satiating effect, reducing ghrelin and insulin.

17.00 COFFEE, OLE!
Take coffee. Studies by the University of Toronto (Canada) show that milk protein suppresses ghrelin, while a U.S. investigation of the Mayo Clinic found that caffeine thins.

18.00 ‘high bar’ TO LOSE WEIGHT
Not a myth: the beer helps to thin due to chromium containing yeast. Request a wheat or white beer because it contains significantly more yeast than normal and so multiply its beneficial effect.

19.30 dinners under control
The salmon and cod increase the level of eicosapentaenoic acid, according to researchers at the University of Navarra, stimulates the release of leptin, a hormone linked to appetite control.

22.30 Go for it!
Ghrelin increases with stress, so relax with your Xbox. Researchers at Texas A&M (USA) found that war games like Call of Duty reduce stress and annihilate the temptation to rob the fridge.

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