Video games keep you fit!

The so-called “active video games” help combat overweight!

So do not kid yourself: your sessions with buddies to FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer will not help you lose belly. And according to a study by the University of Hong Kong published in the journal Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, only those video games that require physical activity is really effective in the fight against obesity. So much so that, as doctors say Mellecker and McManus, study authors, “compared with entertaining games where the person is sitting, the practice of active video games is a significant increase in energy expenditure”.

The Nintendo Wii console and, above all, his game Wii Fit are the paradigm of active video game. With movements involving these products (do push-ups, jumping jacks, etc.) scientists believe that “if you play regularly, you may meet the physical activity recommendations that otherwise would not be respected.”

This is only the first step of a more ambitious plan. To which aspire Mellecker and McManus is to check whether this type of entertainment can produce a prolonged increase in the long-term physical activity. “The results of our study show that the use of technology can be encouraged to be very active,” they say.

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