Top ten ways to get you more than ten kilos

These are the ways that all together and sustained over time will give you ten kilos less, guaranteed. No sale is no promotion and not has to buy anything, just to get them all together and the result will be that you will achieve weight loss, sounds promising right? Let’s see…

  • Basis will not only cardio. The cardio is key as fat burning activity and should be a component present within your weight loss program, but your diet is also essential so a calorie deficit must always be present, although this should be minimal.

  • Irons. Weight lifting speeds up your metabolism and burn calories whole day. Man or woman is, the weights will result in a great benefit.
  • Portion control. If you eat too much, even of good, get fat and will commit your results. Eat little but often and do not forget that you need to eat less than usual to start losing weight. Four, five or six small meals spaced every three or four hours is a good idea…
  • Handles stress. Did you know that many people eat because you feel anxious or stressed? The food is great emotional charge in many overweight people. Find some way to control your anxiety than food.
  • A food diary. Controlling what you eat and how you train is essential. Just try to implement one and you will be surprised, many people resort to eating normal but tells us to do in his diary realize that eating more than you should. Record what you eat.
  • Water, lots of water. How much is too much? Two, three, four liters. The more active at more water. But besides that water keeps you ORDER ‘and cleans your body. Give sips and a bottle next door is the best way to drink water throughout the day.
  • Filled with fiber. Oats, many green vegetables, plum, apple and other naturally high fiber that cleans your digestive system, control your blood sugar levels in the blood and fends off your hunger levels at all times. That’s all good when you lose weight. An effective and simple idea: Move the white bread to whole wheat bread.
  • Learn to differentiate thirst for hunger. Although feelings of hunger and thirst are the same, if you first drink a glass of water know if he was thirsty or not. The water is always good and if you were hungry after eating quietly. The plus to this is that you have a glass of water before eating will make you consume fewer calories.
  • Your goal is fat. For the effectiveness of any weight loss program you have to lose is body fat, not muscle tissue or fluid. If you lose muscle your metabolism down and burn fewer calories overall, and if you lose you take something liquid as soon recover that weight. How easily tell if you are losing fat and not something else? Weigh yourself every week, if deglazes between half a kilo and a kilo per week the chances are that you are only losing fat.
  • Reads this blog. There is so much good information here that if you read an article a day will trigger your knowledge through the roof and you’ll know what to do to manage your weight not only at this time you want to lose weight, but for your whole life. Good investment for five minutes a day of reading it?

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