Tips to flatten the stomach

Bellies, rolls; those are everywhere and yet who wants to have it? But in defense of those who have a need to say that there are many lies, myths and beliefs that lead one in the direction opposite to that desired.

  • No, the belly is not reduced by the shrinkage
  • No, not lap belts shrink the stomach
  • No, not creams will reduce inches from waist

The truth is that if your stomach is not what you want the reason is very simple: eat more than your body can spend, and eat everything your body does not need.

You are what you eat, and if you eat junk all that goes right to the belly, if you eat white flour, sugar, soda cans and chips guess what? All that goes to your stomach, and enlarges;

Moreover, the exercise regime is the other part of the equation, and the main factor of this system is the intensity, trying to burn more energy during training and several hours after I did.

Here are some tips that will reduce the size of your stomach:

  • Use exercises that burn more calories and work many muscle groups simultaneously. Full body routines and free weights as well as working many muscles activate your abs throughout the training. If you train at home do pushups, variations of the plate.
  • Train also doing intervals, the intervals burn many calories, burn fat, develop muscle tissue and activate your core throughout the workout. The same applies to metabolic pathways that are involved in high-intensity periods followed by short breaks. These forms of empty train your carbohydrate reserves and your body is forced to use fat as fuel. Turbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne is an option, routines of Shaun T. Insanity another.
  • These are the ingredients that need to go to your kitchen: sugar, fried foods, Trans fats, margarine, mayonnaise, soda, candy. There are many more but you get the idea. You have to focus on improving your diet all you can: eating more fruit salads and vegetables, eat more grilled or steamed, and balancing each dish with quality carbohydrates and proteins, as well as healthy fats. Improving your diet is what faster will reduce the size of your stomach. By doing so you will notice that most deshinchad and additionally you feel more energy to train.
  • Sleep, I had mentioned in a previous article but with only eight hours sleep you have to sleep every night reduces symptoms of stress, the hormone cortisol is triggered by stress, sleep more and paradoxically makes you burn more calories. Did you know that with just those eight hours sleep can burn 500 calories for a week? Not you, but we think its worth. Returning to cortisol, when you’re under stress, or when you eat refined carbohydrates triggers this hormone and among other things it does is accumulate fat in the stomach.
  • Finally the council always so understated and yet so important: drink water. What do you get when drinking good amounts of water? You prevent the swelling, you save a lot of calories (the thirst and hunger sensations are similar) and accelerate your metabolism.

All of the above, if properly followed will reduce and eventually you flatten your stomach. The key is to follow them long enough to see results. Do it and you’ll notice the difference mism? Continue making them once your stomach is flat and that is the path to a marked abdominals.

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