Tips to exploit your potential to gain muscle

We will show you a few tips that will optimize your efforts to gain muscle. Incorporate them and see that you pay excellently.

1. Attacks large muscle groups with a lot of weight
Heavy train with exercises that stimulate your body more. The squat is the king of bodybuilding, and then there are all types of bench press, dead weight in all its variations, military press and chins. Do all the exercises with good technique and a good weight,

make them into the base of your training and see what happens to your body within weeks.

2. 4 days
Rest is key to good muscle gains, and if you get more than 4 days to train with weights without being a professional bodybuilder that can lead quickly to overtraining if you do not know what does. You can safely include routines divided into days and days of upper and lower body to do this twice a week to ensure good rest. Another option is the full body routines done 3 times a week, and in the middle includes some form of cardio intervals for example.

3. Not more than 45 minutes
After that time the chances are that your energy systems have been exhausted and that any effort is counterproductive. Do not live in the gym, you have to train hard, with dedication and give the muscles you need to touch the stimulus to grow, then let them grow, which leads us to our next tip …

4. 8 hours of good sleep and naps whenever possible
Allow your muscles to grow is as important as encouraging them therefore have to incorporate as a variable in your strategy good sleep and rest. When you sleep is when your muscles grow and recover. Do not waste all the effort you put into the gym for not resting properly.

5. Occasionally changing sets and reps
Attacking the fast and slow muscle fibers equally help build muscle more effectively. Not everything is go heavy to stimulate your muscle growth. This is best achieved by varying the repetitions, training sometimes heavy, sometimes light training but with more repetitions to failure. If you regularly read is what you say about your training per iodization.
But also a period of time you stay in the same program and range of sets and reps you will notice that you begin to experience stagnation and undermine the results. For some passes in a month, others in longer, but it happen to everyone. Change your workout every few months keeps your body in optimum condition to obtain results.

6. Progress
This point is so underrated and is the key to muscle development is basic! It is known as the principle of progressive loading and means that the amount of weight that rises must be consistent and progressively increased to make profits and avoid deadlocks. Always be aware of this concept and never fight with your training.

7. Eat the right foods
Weight training includes not only training but also an accompanying power. Just as you need proper nutrition also need an adequate intake of calories, healthy fats that support your muscle gains processes and especially proteins that are the building blocks of your body? But you also need good carbohydrates that give you the energy to train like you have to train, and finally make it all into a training set, power and control planned to carry your body where you want to have. Eat healthy and eat well, are equally or more important than weight.

Finally, proper nutrition and good exercise plan, all conducted in a controlled manner is giving you the muscle gains you want to have. Facilitator with good rest, apply the fundamentals of bodybuilding and the progression and finally put your body in the place you want to have it.

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