Tips and eliminate liquid diets

liquid dietsThe liquid in the majority cases make our body malfunction, fluid maintenance causes swelling especially in the abdominal area, therefore it is important to follow a stringent diet based on foods diuretics, and this article will give you some tricks beauty and also recommend some foods that will help remove excess fluid that has your body.

Some foods that have diuretic properties that help us to take away fluid, one of the fruits richest in antioxidants are blueberries also help them to remove fluid and improve the functioning of the body, also the lemon, by its high content of vitamin C removes impurities and excess fluids and helps improve the immune system.

We also have a healthy diet and regular exercise is very important to remove fluid, fluid accumulation in women can be given for various reasons one of them especially in the younger may be the period before menstruation, or in adults more sedentary lifestyle.

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